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TS-4XT Hard Drive & Tape Degausser

The most powerful hard drive degausser on the market, destroying all data in only ~30 seconds.

40,000 Gauss Hard Drive and Tape Degausser

TS-1XT Hard Drive & Tape Degausser

Listed on the NSA Evaluated Products List, delivers complete erasure of top-secret data on hard dive and tape in 15 seconds.

NSA-Listed Hard Drive & Tape Degausser

HD-3XTL Hard Drive & Tape Degausser

High-volume with 10,000+ Gauss, 3 second erasure time, fully and permanently erases all data on hard drives and tape.

High Volume Hard Disk & Tape Degaussing

HD-2XT Hard Drive & Tape Degausser

High-speed with 10,000+ Gauss in 7 seconds, ensures no data can be recovered from hard drives and tape.

High Speed Degaussers


PD-5 Hard Drive Destroyer

Listed on NSA Evaluated Products List, the high-speed, high-powered PD-5 destroys hard drives as well as solid-state, flash, USB thumb drives, and the controller boards of SSHDs.

Hard Drive and Solid-State Destruction

In-House Data Destruction With Certificate of Destruction

IRONCLAD® allows you to automatically generate certificates of destruction with JPG images immediately after degaussing and destroying your media.

Which Garner product is right for you?

Garner brings you the very best data destruction products, services, and customer care.

spacesaver data erasure and destruction services

On-Site Data Destruction Services

Every organization needs to erase, destroy, and verify data-storage media before disposal, but not everyone needs equipment on hand for the task. We provide on-site services at your location and automatically generate documentation of each piece of media as we degauss and destroy your end-of-life media for your IT asset disposal archives.

Data Destruction
DDM 15 Front - Degauss Disk Destruction Equipment

Equipment Rental

For those who have a short-time need or want to try out equipment before purchasing, our equipment rental program provides an easy and affordable alternative.

Degauss and Hard Drive Destruction Equipment
ironclad - NSA/CSS EPL-listed TS-1 degaussers

Compliance & Regulations

An increasing number of government regulations, industry standards, and internal risk mitigation policies require organizations to sanitize storage media prior to disposal or reuse. We manufacture and sell hard drive degaussers, physical destroyers, and verification systems specifically designed to help you eliminate the risk of a data breach and meet the standards that govern your organization’s operations.

NSA/CSS EPL-listed Degaussers

60 Years of Innovation


We have worked for more than half a century designing and improving our line of degaussers and destroyers. Our products have been tested and certified by independent labs to meet safety and electromagnetic emissions standards worldwide. And while designing, manufacturing, and selling high-quality products is our primary objective, our exemplary customer support also sets us apart. Our global technical support team serves customers around the world. No matter where you are, we’re here to talk to you, in your language, during your business hours.

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Customer Testimonials



13 years and 393,992 cycles. Still destroying it!

"The Garner HD-3WXL degausser is a true workhorse for ARCOA. The speed and efficiency of processing is unparalleled and the fact that we've never had an issue with recoverable data after years of rigorous use and testing speaks volumes to the quality of this machine. We couldn't be more pleased."

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"The level of high-security from Garner Products reinforces our customers'confidence and trust... We recouped our investment in the first year and the system is still going strong! "

Cory Tomczyk | Owner | IROW

  shred spot
Logo iSIGMAmember R pms423

"Shred Spot's electronic data destruction business has skyrocketed since purchasing the HD-2XT and PD-5 from Garner. Destroying the data storage devices in house, rather than outsourcing the destruction to a third party, has made all the difference for us. Thank you to Garner for providing great equipment and in helping us make the right purchases for our business. We highly recommend Garner!"

Marc Cornfield | Shred Spot


Garner Recognizes:


usarmy 78      amazon 78            blue cross 78      irs 78      jpmorganchase 78      kaiser 78      marinecamppend 78      modesto 78      oracle 78       uofhawaii 78     

For their extraordinary efforts ensuring the destruction of data on end-of-life media

DriveSavers Data Recovery has completed the testing of the Garner HD-2 Degausser and HD-3WXL Degausser…Both the HD-2 and HD-3 WXL degaussers were successful in destroying the media and magnetic property as well as the head stacks. All attempts to recover the degaussed drive have failed. The HD-2 and HD-3WXL are solid products and both successfully performed as expected. Michael Hall, CISO of DriveSavers Data Recovery, Inc.